Mercedes G.

Tina is an absolutely amazing doula! I didn’t think that I needed one because I do really well with pain but, since it was really my desire to have a natural home birth, my midwives and my husband advised me that I should have a doula because I had never been through this kind of pain before LOL. I wanted a strong, loving person to help me follow through with my birth plan. And that’s exactly what Tina was!!! During the 17 hours that I was in labor, Tina drove an hour to me and I labored throughout the night and then an hour back to take her daughter to her first day of school and then drove back to me!!!! I am so grateful for her dedication!!!!!! She knew which position to tell me to get into, she had me moving walking, squatting, walking through contraction it was amazing. She did so well that when she moved too far away to drive and I was pregnant with my second child, my husband was like “I got this babe, Tina taught me well.” She’s the best of the best , and we love her very much!!!