Stephany E.

In 2012 I was on my third and final pregnancy. I wanted to do things differently this time, I chose a healthier diet for myself, exercised, and chose a natural delivery. I knew that was not going to be an easy task since my last two births I had used epidurals. I needed someone in the delivery room that could help me through the labor and guide me on what choices to make during this process. As the time came near, I knew having Tina by my side would make my drug-free delivery more manageable, and oh boy did it! The day came when I was ready to welcome my little man to the world. Tina was instrumental in advocating for me at the hospital when they were not sure why I would want to have a drug free labor. The emotional support I received from Tina was critical as the nurses told me I would labor throughout the night, which was not the case at all and Tina knew it. Tina provided physical support by providing hands-on comfort measures like a comforting touch, counter pressure, and breathing techniques. The nurses seemed shocked at how fast I progressed when it was time to push the doctor was not there, but Tina was ready to instruct me. I know that I would have given in to birth that I did not want or plan without Tina’s support. Thank you, Tina, for your love and support that beautiful day.