Doula Services

What To Expect with YbYw Doula

Your initial consultation is always free. Consultations usually last around 90 minutes and are a time when we are able to get to know each other. Pregnancy and all it entails is a very sacred time and it’s important to feel confident in our partnership.

During your pregnancy we will meet a minimum of two times (excluding consultation). Prenatal visits are a time when we can discuss your birth preferences, create a birth plan, discuss labor comfort measures, implement a postpartum plan, and more. Visits are also a great time to discuss any questions or concerns you might have surrounding pregnancy, birth or postpartum. Partners or additional birth companions are encouraged to attend one visit before delivery.

Beginning two weeks before to two weeks after your EDD (expected due date), I am officially on call for your labor. This means that my phone is on and ready to be answered at all times. During labor you can expect me to assist you in using the various comfort measures discussed during prenatal visits. Unless otherwise stated in your contract, I will remain at your side throughout your entire labor and delivery.

Following delivery, I will meet for at least 1-2 visits. Postpartum visits are a good time to unpack your feelings about your labor and delivery experience, discuss any feeding concerns, and offer referrals as needed to assist in areas outside of my scope of practice.